Freedom Fighters & Rehabilitation Division

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» Freedom Fighters & Rehabilitation Division


Freedom Fighters & Rehabilitation Division

About the Division


            The Freedom Fighters & Rehabilitation Division has two wings namely Freedom Fighters Wing & Rehabilitation Wing. Freedom Fighters Wing is responsible for matters relating to grant of Central Samman Pension and other welfare measures to the freedom fighters. The Rehabilitation Wing is dealing with residual matters relating to Relief & Rehabilitation of displaced persons from East & West Pakistan; rehabilitation assistance to Sri-Lankan Refugees/Repatriates from Sri-Lanka; and the Tibetan Refugees staying in India including grant of protected area permits for visits to the Tibetan Settlements; preservation and management of Enemy Properties in India.

            Under package deals signed by Government of India with the State Governments in the early 70s, the work relating to the management and disposal of Evacuee Properties alongwith the relevant records, was transferred to the State Governments. All the five Acts relating to Relief & Rehabilitation of displaced persons from East & West Pakistan were also repealed in 2005. Any claims pending on the date of the repeal of the Acts are now to be settled by the respective State Governments under the existing laws/laws to be framed by them or under the General Clauses Act.

Subject Allotted

  • Implementation of the Swatantrata Sainik Samman Pension Scheme, 1980.
  • Matters relating to welfare of freedom fighters of the country.
  • Residual matters relating to Relief & Rehabilitation of displaced persons from East & West Pakistan.
  • Relief assistance to Sri Lankan refugees staying in refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.
  • Implementation of the Relief Packages announced by the Government of India in 2000 for displaced persons from PoK, 1947 and Chhamb-Niabat Area, 1971.
  • Relief and rehabilitation of displaced persons from erstwhile East Pakistan, settled in West Bengal.
  • Relief and rehabilitation assistance to States for Tibetan refugees including issue of Protective Area Permit (PAP) for visit to Tibetan Settlements.
  • Matters relating to Enemy Properties.
  • Functions as Administrative Division for Repatriates Cooperative Finance and Development Bank Ltd. (Repco Bank), Chennai, Tamil Nadu.Ministry of Home Affairs holds majority share holding in the Bank. The Bank has also a subsidiary known as REPCO Homes Finance Ltd.

Organisational Chart


Details of Subordinate/attached Offices

  • Custodian of Enemy Property of India with its Head Office in Mumbai and Branch Office at Kolkata.




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